Samuel Ekwere also known as Blvcksam is an independent artist who always had a passion for music at a very early age. Born in Lagos Nigeria. he started Songwriting by the age of 12. Learning very quickly, he was soon singing consistently and attending Studio Sessions at Age 15. By the Age 16, Blvcksam was recording professionally and Performing Live. That gave him a platform to learn more and stretch his musical abilities. At 16 Blvcksam released his first Song Heroic and later on released four more tracks titled :1. Just In case ft Ade 2. International ft Rage 3. On the Map & High for hours.

He became a member of “Soul Vibes” after he was introduced to Abe Soul in a studio session by the zyx. Blvcksam has taken it upon himself to working with more artists and inspire the new generation. with sheer will and determination, the 26 – year-old ” Soul Vibes ” Music star has reclaimed his modern style afro-hip hop sub-genre for his city, developing his craft while creating soon to come hits. Rapping about realities and his experiences of his young adult life while traveling and exploring countries and also the benefits of his hard-won success, it was in that transition where his social media presence began to grow phenomenally, and he started releasing His music on a Major scale. Blvcksam has already reached thousands of fans and has Amassed over 100,000 streams. They dig his bump and flavor he adds to his rap.” The main reason I rap is to connect with my fans,” Blvcksam says plainly ” shine your light and show your work.” He has since then reached up to 20,000 fans on his Instagram and up to 14k fans on his Tik Tok. Currently working on his next release while still building his brand and connections in the industry.

He has recorded and collaborated with a number of artists, producers and creatives, while also working on Major projects soon to come.

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