Abe Soul (Inner Circle)

Abe Soul a Nigerian born Musician is taking his multi-faceted melodies beyond the realms !!!. He combines Afro Music music with elements from various musical genres to create a distinctive style of his own, which ranges from emotional and sensual too thrilling and euphoric. With his non-stop attitude, Abe is constantly in the studio, drawing elements and inspiration from soul, jazz , modern hip hop, trap, world music, funk and even film scores to create his clear and catchy Afro Fusion sound. He is always eager to explore and improve his techniques: „I want to keep developing in an innovative direction, by experimenting and embedding strong elements. I don’t want to sound like past Afro music, but rather continuously look forward and make something modern that stays relevant over time.”

Among his achievements, Abe has served as the president of Soul Vibe Studio 1, launched the successful and rising “soul vibe loyalty program” and since then has hosted, produced and collaborated with a number of Artists and creatives. Abe became a co-owner in Entertainment & branding company, Soul Vibe LLC in 2021. Abe has dedicated the rest of his time to creating and producing with various artists around the globe and also given its benefits. Abe has reached thousands of fans and amassed over 800,000 global streams. they love his unique sound and Catchy afro fusion vibe. “The reason I create is to inspire and uplift the Mind & Soul,” Abe Soul says without doubt. ” Be an inspiration and be inspired.” He has since then reached up to 50,000 fans on his Instagram and 25,000 fans on his Tik Tok. Currently working on his next release while still building his empire, Brand and connection’s in the industry.

Abe is active in giving back to the community, most notably through his Soul Vibe loyalty program through Soul Vibes LLC . This collective, founded in 2019 Is dedicated to helping Creative individuals and small businesses facing socio – economic hardships establish their brand and craft, inspiring them to tap into their original potential, moving on to the next level.since this program started Soul Vibes creatives are steadily rising over the globe.

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